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Like it or not, our appearance is the first thing people judge us on - and we all know that a good first impression is crucial, whether we're at a job interview or on the look-out for a date.

Facials are a popular treatment. At mesmer-eyes, we understand the benefit of having a facial - not only does it make an instant difference to the way you look and feel, but it also prepares the skin, so you can get maximum results from your daily Skin Care regime. When it comes to our facials, it's not just about what is inside the product, but is about the process and techniques of application. Mesmer-Eyes therapists professionally exfoliate dead skin cells and then treat the face with products containing active ingredients that are able to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. We employ a unique methodology and bring you the very best treatments that are at the forefront of progressive techniques and technologies designed for your individual skin needs and concerns.

Henna is a natural reddish-brown dye used for temporary tattoos and hair dye (we don't do hair at Thread). It's made into a mud-like paste that is applied to any part of the body to create a long-lasting temporary tattoo in a design of your choice. It's completely painless. It's simply drawn onto the skin, like piping on a cake. Once the henna is fully dried it will cake off the skin to reveal a beautiful henna tattoo.
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